Debbie Langan 22nd November 2023

I remember Jess coming to the Warrington climbing centre for the first time to join her sister on the kids club. She was only small, as any 5 year old would have been, but definitely the cheekiest. After a few weeks I thought why not let her start belaying? So I strapped her to the sandbag and taught her how to belay. She wasn't able to keep both feet on the ground when lowering but I think she actually loved that part of belaying the bigger kids anyway 😅 She continued to go from strength to strength. Even when her big sister stepped away from climbing she still came every week. It wasn't surprising to see her popping up at climbing centers all over the country. She was hooked! She had a lifetime of passion for climbing. I just wish it was a whole lifetime ❤️ You are and always will be one of my favorite students. I will never forget you and will think of everytime I go to the Warrington climbing wall 💪