Morning school run (rush)

Created by Laura 8 months ago

I have so many memories of Jessica, each put a smile on my face. 😁

But one thing that always makes me smile for the memories, is when me and my daughter Jessica would be in my bedroom getting ready for the school run, me panicking doing Jessica's pairs "perfect" for Jessica (Baker) to say, "Laura, I don't know why you do this everyday, because we're going to school and it will just get messy again" .) 🤔😕😔😁 Always made me smile, because when I would take both Jessica's to school, I would always say to Jessica (B) "tuck yourself in before you walk up the path" (to school) to which she wod turn around and say no then sticking her tongue out to me!! Xx

She gave me the most loving hugs. And really, they helped me when I was down. That great big smile. Her manners. Her kindness. Her love for her family. A kind hearted beautiful girl.

I shall miss you Jessica. But know that you will be forever in my heart. I'm glad my daughter had such an amazing, caring thoughtful friend in you.

"I'll be seeing you kid"

All the love in the world,