Wallis ??

Created by Madison 9 months ago
I remember playing so many sports events with Jess for wallis. It still seems like a bad dream everything that has happened. Im one of the Wallis house captains, and I ended up playing house hockey as we didnt have enough players. I was apparently holding the hockey stick the wrong way according to Jess, and so she literally taught me the rules of hockey in the car park of the school playing feilds. I remember laughing a lot and she also seemed to find it funny that Id ended up playing a sport i didnt know how to play. We actually came sixth in the end, but we were both just laughing and smiling the whole way through. Sports day last year i remember we both has the red paint on obviously, and she was the only non-sixth former running the relay. She came up to me after the race telling me she could have ran faster, which was crazy because she was one of the fastest ones there. I remember a few days before the accident, I was trying to coerce her into joining house music. Every event was more fun with her, and I enjoyed every moment I got to spend with her. Fly high Jess, you beautiful girl, we all love and miss you more than anything ❤️